Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review of Miracle in Cell no 7

Miracle in cell no 7 is a Korean movie that was produced in 2013. This movie told about the unconditional love between clever, adorable and lovely daughter, Ye-Sung (Kal So-Won) and her beloved, innocent and mentally ill father, Lee Yong-gu (Ryoo Seung-Ryong). An adult Ye-sung became a lawyer and she opened the case of her father and tried with all she had to make her beloved father’s innocent. Yong-Gu became a prisoner after a girl, a daughter of police commissioner who took him to the market to show him the other store that sold the same Sailor Moon backpack as she has, died intentionally. He was accused of the kidnaping, murder and rape. He had to live with other prisoners in a cell no 7, the harshest cell in maximum security prison and he was sentenced to death.

This movie told about how adult Ye-sung tried to memorize every moments in her life with her father when she was child. This movie also told about how little Ye-sung tried hard to see her dad in prison every day. Also, it told about how the other prisoners, who hated Lee Yong-Gu before, help Lee Yong-Gu to meet her daughter.

I supposed this is a best Korean movie I ever watched. This movie filled with tears and laughs. The story, actually, is a standard and ordinary story. However, Lee Hwan Kyung as a director made this movie so well. The strong emotion between daughter and father was always showed and it successfully made the audience cried. There were some humorous scenes which made audience laughed as well. Consequently, the audience paid full attention for every scene in it. I really recommend this movie to be watched by readers because although this movie has little big stars, all actors and artists played their role really well. So the movie can attract the readers by their performance. This movie also taught a friendship and love.

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