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Ibu kita Kartini… putri sejati… putri Indonesia... harum namanya...

A five-years-old girl was busy singing the song “Ibu Kita Kartini” in front of the mirror. She was singing like a famous singer.  She was moving her body as if she was dancing while holding the comb which she used as her microphone. The little girl was never tired in singing that song since her father taught her.

Ibu kita Kartini… pendekar bangsa… pendekar kaumnya… untuk merdeka…

The father of the little girl taught her a lot of things. One day, the little girl felt difficult when she was trying to sing “Kupu-kupu yang Lucu” song which was written in her book. Suddenly, her father sat next to her, taking the book from her tiny hand and said,

“Should Abah (father) teach you this song? Abah will sing first. Then, you have to follow my sing. You got it?”

“Hurray! Okay, I got it, Abah” the little girl replied with a strong nod and wide smile.

The little girl really liked her father’s voice. She would clap and shake her head to the right and to the left as if she really enjoyed her father’s voice. For her, the father’s voice was always beautiful.
Her father taught the little girl everything. He always taught a little girl daily prayers, such as: prayer before eat, prayer for parents, prayer before study, prayer before sleep and many more. He taught a little girl how to read Al-Qur’an and mathematics. He also introduced and taught everything new when they were together. I remember, I was went jogging when they walked around at the park in the morning. Suddenly, her father found a unique plant.

“Try to touch the leaves.” asked her father.

As soon as the father asked it, she touched the leaves. Then, her eyes widened. She was amazed by what she saw. The magical leaves! She thought. The leaves closed and opened by themselves. The father just smiled, looked at her beloved daughter and said “Well, this is Putri Malu, dear”.
I also know that the little girl always went to the interesting place on weekends with her parents. Her favorite place was a park that is filled with so many kinds of games, such as swings, slides and seesaws. The park was also equipped with a stage. That stage is used by so many child singers and it made the atmosphere more pleasant and live. With gas balloon in her hand, the little girl sat on a mat which her mother put on grass. The little girl really enjoyed the songs which were sung by child singers. While her mother fed her, the little girl suddenly approached her father.

The little girl said to her father, “Abah, I want to sing “Ibu Kita Kartini” on that stage.”
“Do you really want to sing there, sweetheart?”
“Yes, I do. Do you let me to do it, Abah?” the little girl asked.
“Of course you can sing there, sweetheart. Come on! follow me” The father said.

After talking briefly with a host for asking the permission, the little girl could sing her favorite song on stage. The girl sang enthusiastically and happily. I saw her father was waiting for the little girl behind the stage when she sang. Her father waited there like her daughter asked. The father never left her alone. The little girl knew really well that her father was the greatest father in the world. Her father was an amazing supporter for the little girl.

Wahai ibu kita Kartini putri yang mulia… sungguh besar cita-citanya bagi Indonesia…

She had a happy family and a happy life. The happiness never leaved her and she was really grateful for that. Actually, her father was not only teaching her how to sing Ibu Kita Kartini well, but also he introduced who Raden Ajeng Kartini was and the history of Raden Adjeng Kartini. One day, after her father taught the little girl “Ibu Kita Kartini” song, they sat out on the porch at the afternoon. The weather was calm and quiet at that time. Also, the wind blew slowly. It was the perfect time to talk about Raden Adjeng Kartini.

“Raden Adjeng Kartini was a strong and well-educated woman, dear. You must be a strong and well-educated woman as she did. If you are strong, you will get up easily after you fail. Moreover, if you are well-educated woman, you can reach anything you want. Consequently, you will never give up and you can catch your dream. You can be a successful woman who will give the benefit to the other.” said her father.

“I promise you, Abah. I will be a strong and well-educated woman as Raden Adjeng Kartini did.” said the little girl.

“That’s my daughter!” said her father proudly.

A few years have passed. Now, the little girl becomes a young woman. Now, she can’t see her beloved father anymore. Her father had passed away. People said that the God has more love for him than the little girl has, so the God took her father from her. Now, she can only recall her memories with her father when she misses him. Although her father is not with her now, she is still thankful because she has a beautiful childhood with a father beside her. She doesn’t have memories with her dad when she grows up. So, she can only tell her childhood memories to her friends when they have conversation.

With this short story, she wants to convey that she is very fond of her father. She also wants the whole world know that she misses her father so much. Until now, she still feels sad when she remembers the day when her father passed away. And, the song “Ibu Kita Kartini” will always be a memorable song of her father. Also, this short story is made to commemorate Kartini’s Day. Happy Kartini's Day !!!

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